This blog is brought to you by the administration of the University of Nebraska High School.

UnivNeHighSchoolLogo_RdLtrsRGBAbout University of Nebraska High School (UNHS)

In 1929, the University of Nebraska delivered mail correspondence courses to students in rural Nebraska to help them complete the required courses for their diplomas. Since then, the university has remained steadfast in its efforts to serve high school students with high-quality, independent secondary course work to meet their needs. The University of Nebraska High School is the results of these efforts.

Over many decades the high school has earned a reputation of rigor and excellence. It is accredited by AdvancED and the Nebraska Department of Education and more than 100 core, elective, Advanced Placement and dual enrollment online courses. Nearly 70 of these courses are NCAA-approved. Teachers are certificated in their subject areas and courses are designed by talented instructional design specialists.

The student body of the University of Nebraska High School has also grown to include students in all 50 states and more than 100 countries, many of whom need the flexibility and convenience that independent learning provides. These students choose to supplement local school curriculum with UNHS online courses or earn our respected and accepted diploma.

Vision: To create opportunities for students everywhere to develop skills, attitudes and knowledge that will enable them to be thoughtful, committed and successful people in whatever calling they choose.

About the Bloggers

Barbara Wolf Shousha, UNHS Director

I’m an advocate for student success in education and life. As a former independent learner, I appreciate the benefits this format of education provided me, and our students remind me of them often. They include but are not limited to  responsibility, initiative and motivation. I look forward to learning and sharing with you.

Hugh McDermott, UNHS Principal

I have had the honor of working as a teacher and administrator for forty years of my life—and I’ve loved every minute of it. I found unbridled energy and enthusiasm in my work with middle school students, have had great conversations with high school students and have worked with many excellent professional educators and parents.

My goal has ALWAYS been to help all students become better academic students and human beings, and with them find the highest value in the gift of learning along the way.

Debby Bartz, UNHS Academic Adviser

I highly value the opportunity to teach students how to succeed in their high school careers and how to prepare for their future. Helping students to be successful has emotional rewards—it warms my heart to hear their success stories.  I enjoy helping students individually to become independently resourceful in establishing and meeting goals. The path of distance and online learning allows me to work with students worldwide and assist them in their preparations as citizens who can have education choices in a global marketplace.

Ray Henning, UNHS Academic Adviser

Helping people reach their individual potential is what motivates me. To me a successful person is anyone who does the best with the talent that has been given to them. Obviously, the results are unique for each person. Do your best and live with the results.

“Success is the peace of mind that is a direct result of self-satisfaction in
knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.”

— John Wooden, American Basketball Coach

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